Sale Dresses – Wedding

We have a large selection of off the peg ready to go dresses all at a fraction of the normal retail price.

These dresses might be last seasons gowns, overstocked or dresses we have purchased with the intention of selling off the peg .
We only have dresses in the sizes available and we are not able to reordered therefore you may need some alterations. But, even with this cost, your wedding dress will still come to much less than a full-price designer gown! We have amazing seamstresses that are able to alter a dress up to two sizes either way.

Some of the dresses may have been tried on as samples in our boutique and there might occasionally be a small mark on the dresses, but on the whole, they’ll be in perfect condition. We will always do our utmost to point out any when you are trying on but please do check yourselves too. No dresses have been worn to a wedding or altered to fit. Prices are reduced to reflect this and this is a great way to get a stunning dress at a fraction of the normal price. Some may not have even been tried on at all and we will let you know this. The dresses do change constantly but we do get more in all the time. We have over 50 dresses off the peg ready to go.

Most importantly, buying off the peg does not mean you don’t have a ‘proper’ wedding dress. Nobody will be able to guess what you spent or that it may be last seasons dress. So, don’t feel pressured and budget for what you can afford! All that matters is if you love your wedding dress and couldn’t imagine wearing anything else. We always love it when a bride gets a bargain and says “yes to the dress ”